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25.0 - Sunflower 🌻 - Introducing WebSSH Brain : Generative AI that powers your work about command line

Give it a short command prompt and it will try to generate the best snippet for you. If you need to learn about a command output, error code or other computing related sentence : let WebSSH Brain explain it to you by using few but strong words.

Privacy & Security by design :

  • No data is sent without your action.
  • No data of your device or your servers or settings are sent.
  • Only data you input manually are being sent with your action.
  • No data is retained on WebSSH servers.
  • No data training is conducted.
  • Disabled by default.

To enable WebSSH Brain :

  • On iOS : iOS Settings > WebSSH > Brain > Brain Status > Enabled
  • On macOS : WebSSH > Settings > Brain > Brain Status > Enabled

To use WebSSH Brain :

  • To launch Brain Snippet : go to the snippet modal dialog as usual, then tap on the Brain icon
  • To launch Brain Explain on macOS : select text inside terminal, open context menu, selection, choose explain
  • To launch Brain Explain on iOS : Show the scrollback buffer, select text, choose explain context menu

WebSSH Brain requires iOS 17 or macOS 14

Read more about WebSSH Brain

Have any concern about WebSSH Brain? Contact me

All the help you need when you need it

isontheline maintainer of WebSSH

Hey there πŸ‘‹ I'm isontheline maintainer of WebSSH, the awesome iOS / macOS SSH, SFTP and Port Forwarding client that you use everyday!

Whenever you need to make a bug report, or want to share an idea for a new feature, or just have a question about how to use WebSSH, I'm never very far : feel free to contact me by email or on GitHub

Have a nice day β˜€

25 - Sunflower 🌻

If you encounter any catastrophic bug πŸ›, it's time to submit a bug report for the upcoming milestone. You can also learn about features added / changed / removed inside the next version of WebSSH. Of course you can Enroll to Beta Releases in order to reach the stars ✨

Last update: February 21, 2024