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Use Mystic BBS with Telnet CP437 codepage

By default WebSSH uses UTF-8 encoding to display characters. However, some BBS systems like Mystic BBS use the CP437 codepage. This can lead to display issues when connecting to a Mystic BBS system :

isontheline maintainer of WebSSH

How to fix it

Use the CP437 Remote Character Set

Inside your ssh_config file, you need to define a RemoteCharacterSet property in order to use the CP437 codepage. Here is an example of a ssh_config file :

Host my-mystic-bbs-server-name
    #!RemoteCharacterSet CP437

Fix the window size

Most telnet systems like Mystic BBS uses a 80x24 window size. You can define a fixed window size in your ssh_config file :

Host my-mystic-bbs-server-name
    #!RemoteCharacterSet CP437
    #!FixedSize 80x24

You will now be able to enjoy your Mystic BBS system with the correct CP437 codepage : isontheline maintainer of WebSSH

Last update: May 5, 2024