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Restoring Purchases

WebSSH PRO is a lifetime purchase

Don't worry if you have lost your device or if you have changed your device, you can restore your purchase on any device you want. You only need to use the same Apple ID that you have used to buy WebSSH PRO.

I'm always here to help you if you have any issue about restoring your purchase.

TestFlight purchase restoration isn't supported

If you are using TestFlight and want to restore or buy WebSSH PRO, please re-install WebSSH from the App Store and then restore / buy your purchase.

NEVER remove WebSSH! Just install it again from the App Store or, you will lose your data!

Can't restore betwwen WebSSH <-> eWebSSH <-> WebSSH::o

WebSSH, eWebSSH and WebSSH::o are different applications and you can't restore your purchase between these applications.

Please check that you are using the same App on all your devices in order to be able to restore your purchase on all of them.

Restoring on another platform (iOS <=> macOS)

If you have already bought WebSSH on another platform (iOS <=> macOS) and you are encountering an issue about restoring your purchase, you may try the following steps :

  • On the device you have bought the PRO purchase originally :

    1. Launch WebSSH
    2. Launch mashREPL tool
    3. Type webssh store sync
  • On the device you want to restore the purchase :

    1. Launch WebSSH
    2. Wait 30 to 60 seconds
    3. Go to Settings ⚙
    4. Check that the PRO purchase is already unlocked : "Thank you for your purchase!"
These steps doesn't work ?

If the restore doesn't work on your device, please check the following steps :

  1. System Settings
  2. Apple ID
  3. iCloud
  4. Apps Using iCloud
  5. Check that "WebSSH" switch is enabled in order to allow WebSSH to use iCloud

Then go back to WebSSH and do the following steps :

  1. Go to Settings ⚙
  2. Go to iCloud1
  3. Check that iCloud is enabled

Now you can try to restore your purchase again.

Restoring on the original device

Please check that you are using the same Apple ID on the original device that you have used to buy WebSSH.

Then, you can try the following steps :

  1. Launch WebSSH
  2. Go to Settings ⚙
  3. Tap on "Restore Purchases"
  4. You should see a message "Thank you for your purchase!"
These steps doesn't work ?

Forward me by email your original purchase receipt and I will help you as much as you need to recover your purchase.

  1. In order to use this functionality, you must upgrade WebSSH to 14.15 

Last update: February 19, 2024