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WebSSH Brain

Generative AI that powers your work about command line.

Privacy, Security, Responsibility
  • WebSSH Brain prioritizes Privacy and Security. All the data you input into WebSSH Brain is NOT retained on WebSSH servers.
  • NO data is transmitted to WebSSH Brain without your explicit request.
  • Your data is exclusively utilized to facilitate the creation of SSH commands, snippets, and scripts, with NO data training conducted. Only data you provide manually is used to generate responses. NO data is collected from your device or any settings and servers you have configured.
  • It is crucial to exercise caution when relying on the responses generated by WebSSH Brain.
  • NEVER execute responses without a thorough understanding of their implications.
  • The developer cannot assume responsibility for any damage inflicted on a system or individual.
  • It is imperative to acknowledge that you, as the user, are solely responsible for the actions taken while using WebSSH Brain.
How to enable WebSSH Brain? 1[^2]

WebSSH is built with privacy and security by design in mind and WebSSH Brain is no exception.

In order to enable1[^2] WebSSH Brain, you have to explicitly enable it in the settings :

  • On iOS : iOS Settings > WebSSH > Brain > Brain Status > Enabled
  • On macOS : WebSSH > Settings > Brain > Brain Status > Enabled



Give WebSSH Brain a short command prompt and it will try to generate the best snippet for you.

You can access1[^2] this feature by tapping on the Brain icon in the snippet modal dialog.


Need to learn about a command output, error code or other computing related sentence? Let WebSSH Brain explain it to you by using few but strong words.

To access1[^2] this feature :

  • on macOS -> select text inside terminal, open context menu, selection, choose explain.
  • on iOS -> show the scrollback buffer, select text, choose explain context menu.


Ever wanted to know how to do something in a terminal? But you don't know how to do it? WebSSH Brain will try to generate the best how-to for you.

This feature is under development and will be available soon.


Running WebSSH Brain is costly as it requires a lot of online computing resources. During the beta period, WebSSH Brain is free to use with fair use policy. After that, it would be available as a paid subscription or at least only available for WebSSH PRO users.

  1. Requires at least iOS 17 or macOS 14 

Last update: June 30, 2024