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23 - Satellite 📡


A satellite or artificial satellite is an object intentionally placed into orbit around a celestial body. Satellites have a variety of uses, including communication relay, weather forecasting, navigation (GPS), broadcasting, scientific research, and Earth observation.


23.3 - Satellite (Aqua) - Soon

23.2 - Satellite (Aura)

September 27, 2023

Title Type of change Issue
mashREPL : mans : (little) Network Port Scanner Added #975

23.1 - Satellite (Terra)

September 14, 2023

Title Type of change Issue
SFTP Favorite : Unable to delete it on macOS Fixed #956

23 - Satellite

August 27, 2023

Title Type of change Issue
SFTP : Ability to drop files on macOS Added #490
Upgrade xterm.js to 5.2.1 Added #912
Session switch : show keyboard Added #629
Ability to disable keyboard dismiss on screen touch Added #930
Ability to ping / whois from terminal text selection Added #890
Keyboard Accessory Keys : Ability to customise them Added #215
Use old arrow-keys (left/right) at the top of the keyboard as repeated key Added #293
Remove SFTP non-text-file warning on .json files Added #957
Sidebar shows "SFTP" instead of the connection name Fixed #943
Can not create new snippet within an active ssh session Fixed #955
Text selection under iOS (temporary) Removed -
Old Special Keys under iOS Removed -

Last update: September 27, 2023