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17 - Shell 🐚


A shell, is a hard, protective outer layer usually created by an animal that lives in the sea.


17.4 - Shell (Starfish)

March 25, 2022

Title Type of change Issue
SFTP : macOS : Ability to refresh a directory with a shortcut Added #495
Starting Powershell in WebSSH Session has problems Fixed #433
Can’t switch between windows on SFTP Fixed #574

17.3 - Shell (Coral Reef)

March 21, 2022

Title Type of change Issue
Multiple Port Forwarding : VPN-Over-SSH Added #319
Tunnel : Ability to add multiple ports in the tunnel configuration : VPN-Over-SSH Added #220
SSHTunnel & VPN-Over-SSH enhancements Added #451
Allow multiple port forwarding tunnels at the same time : VPN-Over-SSH Added #284
macOS : Dynamic Port Forwarding seems not possible Fixed #540
Editing active tunnel prevents it from being disabled Fixed #571
VPN-Over-SSH by default. Can be enabled again for each connection. Removed #451

17.2 - Shell (Nemo)

March 14, 2022

Title Type of change Issue
The secondary menu of SFTP folder does not pop up due to problems Fixed #566

17.1 - Shell (Nautilus)

March 10, 2022

Title Type of change Issue
Supports PuTTY User Key File 3 Added #381
Split View Support Added #151
Error accessing OpenSSH_8.8p1, OpenSSL 3.0.1 Fixed #531
"Multiple features at same time" on iPad and macOS. Please use Split View (iPad) and Windows / Tabs (macOS) Removed #151

17.0 - Shell

February 11, 2022

Title Type of change Issue
Rendering : New Terminal Rendering Engine Added #150
SFTP : Cannot play images with filename including blank character Fixed #493
Unable to press the up cursor Fixed #508
Chinese characters are not displayed correctly Fixed #516
Rendering : neofetch display breaks half way through Fixed #435
Ability to disable the resize panel to appear Fixed #468
SSH : Unable to send keys when too many output Fixed #496
New terminal rendering engine : Issues after implementation Fixed #525
Don't scroll terminal content when closing keyboard Fixed #145
Upgrade minimum OS : iOS 15 / macOS 12 Removed #498

Last update: April 7, 2024