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SSH Config File

Synced through iCloud

If you have enabled iCloud inside WebSSH your SSH Config File will be synced on all your devices.

Configuration Overwrite

When you define a SSH Config File inside WebSSH, it will overwrite the default configuration you have done inside each matched connections.

For example, if you have defined a SSH Config File with a RemoteCommand but you have already defined a RemoteCommand inside a connection, the connection RemoteCommand will be overwritten by the SSH Config File RemoteCommand.

This overwrite only happens when launching a connection. If you edit a connection, you won't see the SSH Config File values.

Since WebSSH 20.6 you can setup a SSH Config File in order to define default values for your connections.

In order to edit the WebSSH SSH Config File just need to :

  1. Open WebSSH Settings ⚙
  2. Scroll to "SSH" settings section
  3. Edit /etc/ssh/ssh_config

Supported Features 1

Keyword Type Expected value Since Example usage
Host String Connection name (aka alias) pattern 20.6 Host MY_SERVER_NAME
Hostname String Connection host 20.6 Hostname
Port Integer Connection port 20.6 Port 2222
RemoteCommand String The command to launch instead of requesting a default Shell 20.6 RemoteCommand /bin/bash
SetEnv String Environment variable to set 23.6 SetEnv MY_ENV="Awesome!"
User String Connection user 20.6 User myuser

Special Features

All special features are prefixed by #! and are not part of the SSH Config File specification.

Keyword Type Expected value Since Example usage
#!BackgroundColor String Terminal background color. Any CSS value. 22.4 #!BackgroundColor pink
#!ColorTheme String Terminal color theme. Possible values : any valid theme name 24.5 #!ColorTheme "GITHUB DARK"
#!CursorColor String Terminal cursor color. Any CSS value. 22.4 #!CursorColor magenta
#!CursorKeysMode String Terminal cursor keys mode. Possible values : normal, application 24.5 #!CursorKeysMode application
#!Enable-HMAC-ETM Flag No value expected. Enable HMAC-ETM MAC algorithms. Read Terrapin Attack before enabling. 24.8 #!Enable-HMAC-ETM
#!FixedSize String Fixed terminal size (cols x rows) 21.4 #!FixedSize 80x25
#!FontSize Integer Font size in pixels 21.1 #!FontSize 14
#!ForegroundColor String Terminal foreground color. Any CSS value. 22.4 #!ForegroundColor grey
#!KeyboardAccessoryViewLayout String Keyboard accessory view layout. See Keyboard Accessory View Customisation 23.0 #!KeyboardAccessoryView {ESC}{TAB}{CTL}{FN}[/][*]{ARROWS}[|][:][-][!]{PJUMP}{INS}{PGUP}{PGDN}{HOME}{END}[$][.]
#!KeyboardAccessoryViewLayoutIdiomPad String Same as above (overwrites) but only apply to iPad devices 23.0 See above
#!KeyboardAccessoryViewLayoutIdiomPhone String Same as above (overwrites) but only apply to iPhone devices 23.0 See above
#!SFTPTextEditorDefaultFileExtensions String Default file extensions for SFTP text editor. It will allow you to bypass the "Are you sure to edit?" dialog. Comma-separated values. 23.0 #!SFTPTextEditorDefaultFileExtensions .txt,.json,.md
#!RemoteCharacterSet String Remote character set to use. Only applicable to telnet connections. Possible values : UTF-8, CP437 26.2 #!RemoteCharacterSet CP437
#!TermType String $TERM environment variable value 21.4 #!TermType xterm-256color

Last update: May 5, 2024