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SSH Config File

Synced through iCloud

If you have enabled iCloud inside WebSSH your SSH Config File will be synced on all your devices.

Configuration Overwrite

When you define a SSH Config File inside WebSSH, it will overwrite the default configuration you have done inside each matched connections.

For example, if you have defined a SSH Config File with a RemoteCommand but you have already defined a RemoteCommand inside a connection, the connection RemoteCommand will be overwritten by the SSH Config File RemoteCommand.

This overwrite only happens when launching a connection. If you edit a connection, you won't see the SSH Config File values.

Since WebSSH 20.6 you can setup a SSH Config File in order to define default values for your connections.

In order to edit the WebSSH SSH Config File just need to :

  1. Open WebSSH Settings ⚙
  2. Scroll to "SSH" settings section
  3. Edit /etc/ssh/ssh_config

Supported Features 1

Keyword Type Expected value Accepted Tokens Since
Host String Connection name (aka alias) pattern None 20.6
HostName String Connection host None 20.6
Port Integer Connection port None 20.6
RemoteCommand String The command to launch instead of requesting a default Shell None 20.6
User String Connection user None 20.6

Special Features

All special features are prefixed by #! and are not part of the SSH Config File specification.

Keyword Type Expected value Since Example usage
#!FixedSize String Fixed terminal size (cols x rows) 21.4 #!FixedSize 80x25
#!FontSize Integer Font size in pixels 21.1 #!FontSize 14
#!TermType String $TERM environment variable value 21.4 #!TermType xterm-256color

Last update: February 9, 2023