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Link Connections and Snippets

About WebSSH Tags

  • WebSSH Tags are one-word labels that can be used to link connections and snippets.
  • When a snippet is linked to a connection it can be shown as a favorite for the given connection(s).

A connection and a snippet are "linked" when they share one or more tags. So if you add a tag to a snippet, the same tag should be applied to a connection in order to link them and so to be able to use the snippet with your connection.

How to add multiple tags?

You can use any of these separators in order to add multiple tags : ,;/-| and space


  • You can mix multiple separators on the same line, it doesn't matter.
  • Tags are always capitalized. It's "not possible" to add a lower case tag (or should be reported as bug).
  • By default a blank tag is applied so all snippets are linked to all connections.
  • You can add as many tags you want to a connection or a snippet.
  • You can use the wildcard * to link a snippet to all connections.

Last update: November 25, 2022