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Brilliant Features

Here are several causes that make WebSSH worth paying attention to

  • Universal for iPhone, iPod and iPad

    You can use WebSSH on all iOS devices you want!

  • iPhone and iPod

    Although the screen is small, WebSSH UI will allow you to manage your servers with perfection. WebSSH is also fully designed to work with iPhone 6+ screens.

  • iPad

    With a relatively large screen size, WebSSH graphical interface adapts perfectly to make you forget your PC or laptop.

  • Multitasks!

    Open multiple screens and swipe between them! You can have Ping, Whois, SSH terminal, SFTP explorer and many other tools at the same time : it's time to work efficiently!

  • Community

    Thanks to the many beta testers, bugs are reported and corrected quickly, giving all users a seemless experience.

  • Look and feel

    Customize colors, sizes and type of terminal WebSSH looks great in your hands, thanks to your own customizations.

Touch the Innovations

In my work I try to use only the most modern, convenient and interesting solutions.


  • SFTP Client

    Yes you will be able to edit/rename/delete your files within WebSSH. And you don't need to pay more for that!

  • Saved commands

    You can store saved commands and retrieve them faster by just pressing your finger! You can also run a command at connection's startup ;)


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