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Beta Enrollment

Read this before getting started

  • Crash logs and statistical information related to your use of WebSSH Beta App will automatically be provided to Apple and WebSSH Team as part of TestFlight.
  • You may submit suggestions and ideas to WebSSH Team.
  • WebSSH Beta App may crash and result in data loss in it.
  • If you already have the full version of WebSSH, installation of the WebSSH Beta App may result in data loss.
  • You can stop participating in the beta test by deleting the WebSSH Beta App from your device.
  • TestFlight Terms of Service

In-App Purchases

  • You will not be able to use some features if you don't have buyed them through the App Store with the full version of WebSSH.
  • Please don't to become an External Tester in order to unlock some features, it won't be the case.

To enroll for WebSSH Beta Releases, just click1 on this shiny button :

Enroll now

  1. Good luck 😄 

Last update: March 22, 2021