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20 - Moon 🌓


The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite. It is about one-quarter of Earth in diameter. It lacks any significant atmosphere, hydrosphere, or magnetic field. Its surface gravity is about one-sixth of Earth's. Orbiting Earth at an average distance of 384,400 km (238,900 mi), or about 30 times Earth's diameter, its gravitational influence very slowly lengthens Earth's day and is the main driver of Earth's tides. The Moon's orbit around Earth has a sidereal period of 27.3 days. During each synodic period of 29.5 days, the amount of visible surface illuminated by the Sun varies from none up to 100%, resulting in lunar phases that form the basis for the months of a lunar calendar.


20.6 - Moon (Clementine)

December 12, 2022

Title Type of change Issue
Ability to define default values (from SSH config) Added #488
Keeps loosing connection Fixed #777

20.5 - Moon (Luna)

November 22, 2022

Title Type of change Issue
Ability to copy output to clipboard Added #717
Terminal Cursor : Ability to customize it Added #602

20.4 - Moon (Surveyor)

November 13, 2022

Title Type of change Issue
Support ⌥ Delete to backspace whole words Added #632
Dark Mode : Ability to lock Added #484
Ability to paste the current connection password by pressing a key Added #563

20.3 - Moon (Ranger)

November 9, 2022

Title Type of change Issue
Change "Show Scrollback Buffer" translations Fixed #748
Highlighting SFTP Text Editor doesn't work as expected on iOS 15 Fixed #765

20.2 - Moon (Pioneer)

November 4, 2022

Title Type of change Issue
Copy to pasteboard on selection Added #523
SSH tunnel as a proxy server for a SOCKS client (equivalent of ssh -D) Added #607
SFTP : Syntax highlighting in text editor Added #194
SFTP : Ability to search inside the text editor Added #667
macOS : Right-Click causes the flashing cursor to loose focus Fixed #723
Unable to restore In App Purchase on other devices Fixed #758

20.1 - Moon (Apollo)

September 26, 2022

Title Type of change Issue
Lockdown mode and default custom font Added #734
Multiple port forward rules fail Fixed #740
Scaling is wonky Fixed #726
Landscape mode with iPhone notch Fixed #332

20.0 - Moon

September 12, 2022

Title Type of change Issue
Paste from clipboard with right mouse button Added #699
iPadOS : horizontal layout broken Fixed #675
Scrollbar : strange behaviors Fixed #732

Last update: April 7, 2024