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VPN-Over-SSH1 is a great feature when you need to forward a port and use it on another app outside WebSSH. It's a way to use your own server as a VPN server.


One drawback of VPN-Over-SSH is that only one TUNNEL connection could be launched at a time.

Do I need to enable1 this feature?

If you want to use the forwarded port outside WebSSH => YES you need

By outside we mean using the forwarded port inside :

  • Safari / Chrome / Firefox
  • VNC / RDP
  • And all other apps you want to use with the forwarded port
How to enable1 VPN-Over-SSH when I already need a VPN connection?

This is another drawback of VPN-Over-SSH. You can't use it if you already have a VPN connection enabled. Sorry.

Why WebSSH is requesting to add a VPN configuration to my device?

Because VPN-Over-SSH is a VPN connection :) It's a way to use your own server as a VPN server.

WebSSH will never forward your data to any external foreign server. Your data will never leave your iDevice except to your own SSH server!

  1. VPN-Over-SSH is NOT available on eWebSSH and WebSSH::o versions. 

Last update: April 25, 2024