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August 2020

We have released 3 versions of WebSSH in less than 30 days ✨

At the time of writing, 25 issues are open, 11 related to bugs and 14 related to improvements. Before July 2020 there was two WebSSH flavors : Pro and Essential. The first one was (and is always) paid whereas Essential was free and "sponsored" by ads. Essential flavor was retired from Apple Store on July because too buggy and the ads too boring.

We think it's time to release WebSSH with In App Purchases in order to allow a lot of users to acquire WebSSH.

If you already have buyed WebSSH you're not concerned by this change. If you don't have buyed it, you will be able to download it for free in the next few weeks but you will need to buy an In App Purchase in order to upgrade to all features.

More to come...

Last update: November 25, 2022